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Take A Stand, Save A Life Community Walk


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On Saturday, October 3rd, join us at Inner Harbor for our 4th Annual “Take A Stand, Save A Life Community Walk”. This year’s walk will cover about 2 miles of trail and we will pause for a moment in front of Destiny USA to raise suicide awareness!!! 100% of money raised helps Stand Against Suicide continue programs that raise awareness about suicide and mental disorders. Registration opens at 9am and events will begin at 10am at the Inner Harbor Ampitheatre and should wrap up around 1pm. Hope to see you there! – See more at:

To register click link here:

2015 Community Walk




For More information: Tara 315-882-2500


 Inner Harbor Address:
309 W. Kirkpatrick Street
Syracuse, NY 13208

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Stand Against Suicide is a nonprofit organization started in 2011. Our Mission is to raise suicide awareness and prevention by educating about suicide and mental illness. We host events as well as participate in events where we can promote our cause and raise funds. We are dedicated to promoting alternatives to suicide through education and awareness. We distribute awareness and educational materials to schools, colleges, businesses and to the general public. 100% of our profits go back into the organization. There are no paid employees or subcontractors! Volunteers are never paid!

Together we can save lives!

Our goals:

  •  Promote alternatives to suicide
  • Educate about mental disorders and warning signs
  • Hold awareness/fundraising events
  • Distribute awareness materials to schools, businesses, elderly and to the general public
  • Be present at events such as The NYS Fair, Harborfest, Balloonfest, The Syracuse Nationals, etc. and raise awareness
  • Host a Talk Group in Onondaga/Cayuga county for those that have lost someone to suicide



With the mental health crisis in this country, it is important for organizations like ours, Stand Against Suicide, to be able to continue and expand our community outreach programs.

Stand Against Suicide isn’t about complicated research. We stand for raising awareness, educating the public, being there in any time of need, and giving HOPE for a better tomorrow.

Suicide rates are at an all-time high in the US. Stand Against Suicide’s Take A Stand, Save A Life Community Outreach Initiative is designed to target young children, teens, and young adults. Our focus is to educate parents and children the various mental disorders that could cause a suicide, the warning signs, the possible treatments, and most importantly, that no person should ever be ashamed to live with a mental disorder or to receive the appropriate treatments. The Initiative would consist of visiting schools, colleges, and hosting special events to present child appropriate educational information and materials to children and parents. Our hopes are to educate parents and children early on to promote a healthy mental state and to identify any disorders that may exist.

Funding would include

1- Development of child appropriate educational materials, information and presentation.

2- Development of teenage appropriate educational materials, information and presentation.

3- Printing of these educational materials

4- Purchase of presentation equipment, projector, etc.

5- Travel expenses to schools and events across New York State

Summary- The ability to reach out to children and teens through this initiative.